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Here at the chocolate fox, we have a passion for all things chocolate. After years abroad, we have returned home to New Zealand to share our love of fine chocolates.

We focus on creating unique and delicious chocolates by combining the finest quality Belgian chocolate with fresh and local ingredients. In Otago there is an abundance of amazing flavours such as stone fruits, nuts, and world class wine, offering endless chocolate combinations.

Our chocolate is tempered by hand in small batches, a truly artisan way of producing chocolates. All our products are gluten free with no added preservatives.


While living in the Northern hemisphere we had some of Europe’s finest chocolate shops on our doorstep, and the chocolates certainly weren’t going to eat themselves…

As our love of fine chocolates grew, it inspired us to start making our own. We spent the next two years learning and practising new techniques, so we could share our amazing chocolates with you.

In London we loved seeing the foxes that frequent the streets, and wanted to bring home a reminder of where it all began, and so the chocolate fox was created. We spent months travelling with our own handmade fox discovering new ingredients and finding inspiration for our own range.

We hope you find your own favourite flavour soon, because, you know, life is like a box of chocolate foxes…


We offer an ever-changing array of flavours using seasonal, local, and any other delicious ingredients we can get our little paws on.

Our chocolate creations include:

bonbons & truffles – moulded and dipped chocolates filled with silky smooth ganaches, flavoursome fruit purees, and rich runny caramels.

bars – a range of different chocolate topped with crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and whatever else foxy can nab from the pantry.

Our chocolates are fresh, fruity, and slightly nuts….. just like us!



Currently on Maternity Leave….

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Photo Credit: Tonia’s Photography